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Close by Fen Wilde

Close by Fen Wilde

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

Close is a compelling book. For me, this was a psychological sort of romance. It was dark and gritty. Some of it was very hard for me to read. I hate cheating in a story most of the time, and in this story, there were moments that I was yelling, out loud at some d/ bag move. The story felt believable and real. It was deep and reflective. I feel very conflicted about whether I loved this book or hated it. I guess there were parts that made me mad, but I also loved it.


Clara Black.

Therapist. Stripper. Loner.

Sultry, secretive and not looking for love.

Lucas Evans.

Businessman. Playboy. Showjumper.

Seductive, charming and used to getting the girl.

As long as she doesn’t try to get close to his heart, that is.

Drawn together by an attraction that defies their guarded hearts, they’re soon caught up in secrets, lust and lies.

A meeting that wasn’t accidental.

A death that isn’t as it seems.

A craving to get closer.

Everybody has a dark side.

But sometimes, the biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

Close is a steamy romantic suspense that explores the terribly ordinary events that break us and the beautifully ordinary things that make us whole.

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June 2016

When my mother showed me a picture of his body, the thing that struck me first was not how grey he looked, how at odds with his habitual golden glow.

Nor was it how small he looked—his six-foot frame and broad chest somehow diminished. Childlike and vulnerable. Rendered irrelevant by death.

It wasn’t even the feelings—the tsunami of feelings that would rush in later and blindside me. Given that I had barely seen him in years and had never been close to him to begin with, the feelings were surprisingly ferocious.

Those things came later. They came and hit me—less like the proverbial sledgehammer and more like a subtle self-combustion. Invisible to an observer. But damaging nonetheless. Suffocating me. Crushing me from the inside out.

But not then. Not at first.

The thing that struck me initially was that she had coolly snapped a picture. As though this was another moment in time to capture for posterity. More striking because what other mothers might have captured, she had never bothered with.

First tooth. No snap.

First step. No snap.

First birthday. No snap. No cake, either, for that matter.

But first death?

Snap, snap, snap.


Fen Wilde writes gritty contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense novels.

A social worker by profession, she is particularly interested in the complex things that drive us towards keep us out of connection with each other – how fragile, how beautiful, how flawed we all are.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner, two children and Burmese cat.


Website: https://www.fenwilde.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fenwildeauthor

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17132891.Fen_Wilde


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A Cruel Kind of Beautiful by Michelle Hazen

A Cruel Kind of Beautiful by Michelle Hazen

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

I loved this book! This author takes problems, real life problems, that no one likes to talk about and puts flesh and bones on them. Jera is so beautifully flawed. She’s an aspiring drummer and songwriter for an up and coming band. Jacob…how to describe Jacob. Yum is just to simple. I don’t want to give away any of this book, so you’ll just have to trust me, Jacob is a good guy. He’s everything that makes a woman swoon. Caring, patient, kind, loyal, super yum! Their story is complicated, and simple. In the end, when you love someone, and you fit, your happily ever after is never far off. I loved this book so much!!!

Midnight Labyrinth by Elizabeth Hunter 

Midnight Labyrinth: An Elemantal Legacy Novel by Elizabeth Hunter
I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.
Before I even start this book

I have to say, I’m geeking out right now! I am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Hunter’s! I am so excited to be reviewing a ARC for a series that is so amazing and so important to me. 

Ok. Must. Start. Reading!

This book was everything that I wanted and more! I feel like Ben is one of my nephews. I’ve watched him grow up. I’ve watched him hone his skills and become a loving, loyal, kind human. Tenzin, she is one of my favorite vampire characters ever. She real, and loyal. No pretense. No games. I want to be her BFF. I just read on Facebook that Elizabeth Hunter is writing the next in this series!!! I’m so happy!!! I need more Ben and Tenzin. I love how this genius author writes…I’m actually addicted! If you haven’t read the Elemental series…run don’t walk to your book store or kindle and get it!!! 

Up for Heir by Ruth Cardello

I am voluntarily reviewing this arc.
This is one of those books that I have to review as I go because it’s so good and I want to capture the moment as I experience it. I am moved to tears right now as I witness a child that has been through terrible trauma, have a major breakthrough due to the most unlikely character. The plot is complex and simple all at the same time. Lost love, lost family and the inheritance of a child when she is very young herself. Then, Mrs. Westerly steps in to hire Hailey as her companion while simultaneously helping her to care for her inherited niece. All the while she is playing match maker, trying to put back together Hailey and her grandson, Haileys first love. Confused? Read the book, you won’t be, and you’ll love it! This is so well written and sweet.

It was with an extremely satisfied sigh that I finished this book. Up for Heir was sweet, funny, romantic, steamy, full of loyalty and second chances. I loved everything about this book!!!! And yes, that is a lot of exclamation points !

I’m a huge fan of Ruth Cardello and of this book!

Dark Promises by Winter Renshaw

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.
At first, when I started this book, I felt like I was starting in the middle of a story, but I quickly caught up. This is a story of when the villain falls in love, and the woman that finally makes him feel. Very good read. I loved it!

Missing from me by Jayne Frost

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.
As I am starting this review, I am 5% in, and I want to barf! This starts out with a d bag move of an up and coming rock star giving the girl of his dreams an ultimatum. She has to go with him on tour and give up law school for a year or they are done. She says no, and the disgusting womanizing begins. I’m going to give this book until 20% but right now I am nauseous.
42% in and I want to cry and cry for Anna. And I won’t give anything away, because damn if this author didn’t make me care…she made me care so much about Sean and Anna. Although I was to kick Sean in the southern region repeatedly. Seriously, I want to kick him, watch him double over, tears streaming down his face. I want to watch him recover and get his bearings. Then, when he is standing upright, I want to do it again. Shower. Rinse. Repeat. 

I can’t believe I care about Sean, but that’s how well written he is.
Now that I have finished this book, honestly, I can’t regret it. It was a very very good read. I will warn you, your heart will take a beating. But both of these characters are well written and lovable. I don’t know how this author accomplished that, especially where Sean is concerned, but she did. 
Missing from me is a bumpy ride, but well worth the trip.

In His Silks by Patricia D. Eddy

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

I was pleasantly surprised that this story was not what I had thought. Yes, there was a D/s component to this story, so the title is warranted, but there is so much more. The love story builds at a steady, but unhurried pace. The author doesn’t just jump into their their physical relationship. It starts with a slow simmer and organically builds heat to the point of boiling over. These characters chemistry is delicious. I love that the sub plot of this story is believable and full of adrenaline. 

In His Silks is a fun, steamy read, with a lot of heart.