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Seal’d Lips by Roxeanne Rolling

I received an ARC for an honest review.
Hana and Noah meet just after high school. She’s a late bloomer, daughter of hippies and he’s already a player with a dark home life. They have an intimate night and then, well the guy’s an ass. Four years later they meet again…

They have great chemistry, and it is a nice story. 

This is a great beach read:)

Rating 1-5

  • Swoonworthy-4
  • Steamy-4
  • Page turner-4
  • Likable characters-4
  • Funny-2
  • Angst-3
  • Would recommend-4

Shame me not by Fiona Cole

I received an ARC for an honest review.

This is perhaps one of the steamiest things that I have ever read…and that’s saying something. I mean, in the beginning of the book, the deed hadn’t even been done yet and my heart was thumping like nobody’s business !! 

But where this author and this book had me, heart and soul was the Gilmore girl debates! I almost lost it at the reference to being team Jess verses team Sean or Logan. (It’s the little things in life:)

Then, my heart was ripped out as trouble came. Everything in this book made me feel so intensely.

My only teeny tiny complaint is that I hated the wasted time when they were not together. I just wanted to scream at them!!! Just a little. But that complaint is just me knit picking. 

I loved this book!!!

I loved the friendship! I loved the message encapsulated perfectly in the title. Shame me not.

Rating 1-5

  • Steamy-5
  • Funny-5
  • Likable characters-5
  • Swoonworthy-5
  • Loyal-3
  • Would recommend-5

Cover Design: Najla Qambar Designs

Release Date: July 26, 2017




Shame. Panic. Desire. Dominance. Disgust.

All feelings that I was familiar with from the age of sixteen. That’s when I met Ana. The girl next door who became so much more. Until her, I was alone in the dark desires that I didn’t understand, that I couldn’t reconcile.

My best friend, she accepted me. Helped me see that there was no shame in the things that we both craved. Her submission was a drug, my dominance over her a high that I’d never experienced. When we were together, I was at peace for the first time in my life.

But it was too good to last. Our own guilt over our feelings, of our appetite for pain and pleasure, destroyed us.

I was convinced that all I needed was a chance, just one more chance to overcome my shame, and Ana would be able to trust me again.

If only it were that easy.











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About the Author


Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. As much as she loved science she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own. Where You Can Find Me is Fiona’s debut novel and will hopefully be the first of many.


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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Ann Rice

So the old adage, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, I wracked my brain to see if this applied here. I have good things to say and bad things, so bear with me. The authors I like to read are famous to me and all those who like to read the kinds of books I like to read, but I rarely read really “famous” authors. I was recommended Ann Rice and was like, oh boy, my English major daughter is going to be so impressed!! It was recommended by a friend. And then another friend, who knows what some of my hard limits are told me I was going to hate it. Let’s start with some good. I never read period books because I get lost in the language. Not so here. The writing was beautiful and lovely and easy to follow. If found myself wanting to talk like that. So let me not say I have good “things” to say. That’s it, that’s my good thing.

I guess where my first indication that I was in over my head was the first scene where the prince goes to wake sleeping beauty. As we all remember from the fairy tale the prince wakes sleeping beauty with loves first kiss. Now, I’m not a prude. I knew this was an erotic fairly tale, but I didn’t expect the prince to plunge his member into sleeping beauty’s still unconscious form. Then to parade her naked in front of her parents! And this was the tame stuff! I’ve read erotic fairy tales before, which was why I thought I’d like this. They contained love stories and soul deep sensuality that leaves you breathless.  This book contained non consensual sex. Homosexual sex. Beatings . Spankings. Humiliation. Group rapes. Kidnapping. Underage sex. Extreme bondage. 

I was waiting to get emotionally attached to any of the characters. I was waiting to find some sense of a love story. I was was waiting to find some humanity in anyone! I waited in vain. I stuck it out through out the whole book. So, yeay for me. I didn’t think I would make it.

In conclusion, if you like well written period books that are full of the hardest core BDSM I have ever read, this book is for you. But just another little side note, I did not find it sexy. I cannot find tears , tears of pain of the body and pain of the heart, in the midst of humiliation, sexy. So, reader be forewarned. And no judgement here if you like that kind of stuff.  Not going to rate this cause it wouldn’t be pretty.