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Trying Sophie by Rebecca Norinne

Trying Sophie: A Doublin Rugby Romance by Rebecca Norinne
I received an ARC for an honest review.
This book takes us from childhood to adulthood. As kids, Sofie hated Declan because he made her life a lonely, nightmare with his teasing. Declan teased the girl he had his biggest crush on. Now, all these years later, can they find love even though they live worlds apart? 

I have to give you a snidbit of the heated texted in this book…

“When we finally reached our room, instead of tapping the keycard to the lock, Declan backed me up against the wall. When his eyes roved over my face and he stared down at me in wonder—like he couldn’t believe we were doing this—all rational thought fled. His lips hovered over mine, teasing, and I held my breath, waiting for him to kiss me. His hand cupped my cheek and I leaned into him as he angled my mouth where he wanted it.”
Yea…then it gets real.

So good!!!

This book was sweet and sexy. There was definitely some times when I held my breath, but Sofie and Declan are lovable characters that I would want revisit.


For Forester by J. Nathan

I received an ARC for an honest review. Marin and Trace… the chemistry between these two made me weak in the knees, I swear!

Despite him

being so much younger, he was commanding in all the ways that counted. This story has so much heart. I got so wrapped up in it that at certain parts my stomach was literally in knots. The love that Marin has for her son is just so beautiful. Trace…with Marin’s son, I can’t!!! I sighed at every interaction and every bonding moment.

This is a great read that you will not be able to put down! Now I have to read book 1. I hate when I read out of order, but such is life.

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy-5
  • Loyal-3
  • Funny4
  • Likable characters-5
  • Heart warming-5
  • Angst-5
  • Page turner-5
  • Would recommend-5

Dating the Billionaire by Poppy Dunne

I received an ARC for an honest review.

Dalia is a modern day yenta (matchmaker, for those who haven’t seen Fiddler on the Roof)She is so funny and witty, that I want to find her and make her my best friend…oh wait…she’s not real. Damn.
I had to read this book so disjointedly, but to the credit of the writer and the story, I just got pulled right back in every time!
I loved loved everything about this story. I love that there were no misunderstandings. I love that both parties were loyal. I loved how organically everything fell when not Place. I loved how funny it was ! I am now a huge fan of Poppy Dunne and want to read everything she’s written! Go get this book! You won’t be disappointed !

Friction by Emily Snow

This book is a huge home run!!!! First let me say that I am a huge fan of Emily Snow. My only issue with her is that her books are so good, that I wait for the next book, and it takes a long time. Now, I am not an author (yet), but in one of her series, there is this character, that I swear is alive. I need to read his story, but it hasnt been written yet. So please Ms. Snow, I would love to read the rest of the Devoured series.

This book is a stand alone, so I dove in.

Lucy is the classic over achiever that falls for the sexy untouchable bad boy from high school. I love the way this book plays out. I love the natural progression from, love/hate, to I can’t believe I’m working with my high school crush (on both ends), to physical heat that almost melted my kindle, and beyond.

If you like a good steamy romance, look no further.

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy-5
  • Funny-4
  • Angst-4
  • Loyalty-4
  • Likable characters-5
  • Would recommend-5

Satisfaction by Lexi Blake

Satisfaction is book 2 in the Lawless series. For most of this book I LOVED Bran, the youngest Lawless brother. He was sweet and honest but kind of a little gross in his love of strippers and strip clubs. When he meets Carly and honestly lays out how they can help each other, it is a breath of fresh air. Their chemistry is off the charts. About three-quarters through the book I want to yell at Bran and maybe pull his arm hair a little. He didn’t go against any of the hard limits I have, but he was cruel and mean. Thankfully Carly and her maturity and love counter balance is temporary yuckiness. I would definitely recommend this book and I am on pins and needles waiting for book 3!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy-5
  • Likable characters-5
  • Angst-4
  • Page Turner-4
  • Loyalty-5
  • Would recommend-5

The Moorehouse Legacy Complete Collection by J.R.Ward

This is a four book collection.

The Rebel, formerly titled Beauty and the Black Sheep

This first book introduced us to the Moorehouse family.  Frankie is  one of three Moorehouse adult children that have been orphaned more than a decade ago.   She is struggling keeping her bed and breakfast afloat. Her personal life is non-existent. She takes care of her sister, and her grandmother who suffers from dementia.  As fate would have it,  Nate’s car breaks down walking distance from her Inn. He is a chef and her chef just quit. Sparks fly and these two have chemistry that almost melted my iPad . If you’ve read J.R.Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series, this is different. It is just as hot  and steamy, just way less gritty and dirty. If you have not read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series…run out and get  it! And you’re welcome in advance! This is a beautiful love story. Frankie, the sensible one that put her whole life on hold for the good of family, gets her happily ever after.

The Player, formerly titled His Comfort and Joy

The second book centers around Frankie’s sister, Joy. Seemingly , Joy is the weaker sister. As we get to know Joy, it becomes apparent that strength comes in many forms. Joy is the stability  that Grand-Em needs to battle the dementia she suffers from. She also has tabled her dreams. This book shows her as and extremely talented, self-taught,  dress-maker. She has had a crush on Gray Bennett forever. Gray has never seen her as anything other than a little girl until recently. Now, he fights his desire for her as he feels he is not good enough for her. Their love story is so beautiful and sweet. It is also very steamy but not gritty. The second book as well as the first is a home run!


The Renegade, formerly titled From the First

The renegade is a real page turner. Alex Moorehouse is Frankie and Joys Brother. As a professional sailor, he has been MIA from their lives. He has an accident at sea that leaves him injured and mourning as he lost his best friend and sailing partner to the storm. The worst part is that he blames himself as he had a secret he never told anyone. He was in love with his best friends wife, now widow, from the first time he saw her. This book is the painful journey they are both on as they discover each others feelings and learn to get beyond their past. Another absolutely breathtaking story that I just fell in love with.

The Rogue, formerly titled A Man in a Million

This story deviates a little the Moorehouse siblings. Michael “Spike” Moriarty and Madeline Maguire have chemistry upon meeting each other. Mad, is one of Alex’s crew, and Spike is a chef at their Bed and breakfast. Mad, is a confident self-assured woman until she gets around her family who make beating her self-esteem down, their job. Spike is a beautiful yet scary looking guy with the heart of gold an, oh yea, he’s and ex con.  This book has a lot of misunderstandings and conniving lies that try to keep Mad and Spike apart. But their story is no less compelling than the first three. I love that Spike is not threatened by Mad’s physical power. Their love is so beautiful.

This series is a must read. It’s a beautiful vacation from whatever ails you as you get lost between the pages.

Rating 1-5

  • Likable characters-5
  • Angst-2
  • Funny-3
  • Swoon worthy-5
  • Steamy-5
  • Would recommend-5



Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Book 2 in the Royals series.

Omg, OmG, OMG!!! I can not tell you how much I LOVED this book!!!! OK, so I pride myself on being “spoiler free”, I am going to try to keep that standard now. The last book ended on a cliff hanger that literally left me nauseous. The whole book was amazing, but the ending… days after I would wake up so upset over it. The beginning of this book calmed my queasiness instantly. The fact that Ella refused to forgive Reed for a long while made me happy. I hate it in a book, where there is a breach of trust, and the girl forgives right away, or trusts blindly, or worse, blames herself. Maybe that says a lot about me. I guess I have to do some soul-searching. Anyhow, I love how Watts developed these characters. They are memorable, lovable and characters that I am going to miss when the series is over. Go out and get this series! If you read Fallen Crest Academy, you will love this!!

Rating 1-5

You know what…this book gets all 5’s . Heck, make it all 10’s!!!!