Random Acts of Trust by Julia Kent

I received an ARC for an honest review.

This is Amy and Sam’s story. Apparently this is not the first book, but that’s ok. 

Let me start by saying the book was very poetic at times and beautifully written.

I started out liking this book. I wanted to love it. If you’ve read my blog, then you know how I feel about the author being the artist and the book being their art. I hate criticizing someone’s art. But by accepting this ARC, I have a responsibility to give an HONEST review.

I want to soften the blow by acknowledging what I liked about the book…but that’s difficult. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say 2 words. Male. Stripper. And he takes the job after they get together without her knowledge. This is also a sort of second chance romance. But what drives me crazy is when the woman takes the man back initially… no questions. He just kisses her, and she kisses him back! What is that? It totally ruffles my feminist feathers. To make matters worse, the whole stripper thing is never resolved, nor is the fact that he had another woman’s tongue down his throat. 

Here’s the thing, I have read amazing books, where the relationships are “complicated”. S. C. Stephens Thoughtless series is one of my favorites. But there is accountability. There is atonement. This was not like that. For me, this was all angst without the happy. I’m sorry. I would try another book by this author. Again…especially to the author, in sorry 😦


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