The Scars Between Us by MK Schiller

I received an ARC for an honest review.

So this doesn’t happen often, but there are rare occasions when I read a book, especially one that I just happened upon, that I almost shudder to think, what would have happened if I never read this book. I’m not trying to be dramatic, however I never read anything by this author, but the title got me. So, I applied for the advanced reviewers copy.

I am so glad I got it! 

Emma and Aiden have a very interesting beginning. I won’t tell any details. It’s rare that a book takes me off guard and on a compelling journey from

chapter one, but this book is one of them. 

About a quarter through this book my heart melts when I see how Aiden and Emma really see eachother. It’s not lust, it’s soul deep love in the making. By half way through I am in love with this couple.

They have so much to over come, but love like theirs, it’s worth everything!
Rating 1-5

5 plus stars on everything!!!!


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