Rule Him by Gisele St. Claire

I received an ARC for an honest review.
This is one of the smartest student/teacher romances that I have ever read. I fell in love with both characters right away. Candy…bravo to Ms. St. Claire for that fabulous name! Candace Appleton! I love it!!! She is to mature for any of the boys her age. In walks the new English teacher. They have instant chemistry, physically and of intellect. She wants to be a writer and he recognizes her passion from their first study session. Their romance plays out so organically. Of course being a forbidden love type of book, they run into obstacles, but again, so beautifully written. It is with a satisfied sigh that I whole heartedly recommend this yummy book!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoonworthy-4
  • Funny-4
  • Angst-1
  • Likable characters-5
  • Steamy-4
  • Would recommend-5

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