Black Forever by Victoria Quinb


I am so upset right now. I am 50% done with this book and at book 4, I have never been so tempted to give up! There is NO loyalty here! I hate that he betrayed her, wheather he technically did or not. And I feel betrayed. I bought into the beautiful, loyal man/Dom that wouldn’t even entertain deceiving a sub that he didn’t care about from book 1. So I thought, yes, he would be honorable. What went wrong? And she begs him to take her back as he’s hitting on another woman! Seriously??!! My stomach just hurts!!!

I just finished the book, and I am completely disappointed. If you read my blog, you know I hate giving bad reviews. I rarely do it. But I feel horrible. It seems that when you go back and read carefully, Caloway never actually cheated on Rome, but he lied to her and engaged in erotic BDSM play with other women. It reminded me a smidge of Christian and the psycho sub that he bathed, except that was once and there was no deception. And he didn’t blame Anna for it. Ugh!!! I’m sorry to do this, but I didn’t like this book for that reason, and had I know this was where this was going, I wouldn’t have read the series.


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