Fallen Crest Forever by Tijan

Fallen Crest Forever by Tijan
I’m not giving anything away, I think, but since it’s in the first paragraph…OMG, she said yes!!!!!! I was on pins and needles and had to wait a whole 8 hours for her answer!!! (Going from the end of Home to Forever).

I’ve been trying to figure out why I am so in love with this series, with this book. The loyalty has always been a reason. The way Mason, Logan, and Samantha have bonded and stayed together is beautiful. But in this book, I think what stands out to me is that they are, what every person who has ever been bullied, who has ever been truly alone, wishes they had. Not many have experienced the type of aloneness that Sam had. A parent left, boyfriend cheating with her best friend, friends desert her, and then she moves in with the enemy. For those of us that have experienced it, we know Sam’s responses are spot on. We wished there was a Logan to make us laugh and watch our back as a brother. We wish that our soul mate was there too, to end the utter loneliness. Sam is rescued and in return rescues her new step brother and fiancĂ©. I love this series! I love these characters! I’m going to miss them, but I think that will only make me do a re read sooner! The end of this book and this series is utterly satisfying. I finished 4 hours ago and am still tearing up, in a good way. Thank you, Tijan for this beautiful world you created for us!

Rating 1-5

It rates a 10 ++++ on everything!!


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