Always mine by Ruth Cardello

I am a huge fan of Ruth Cardello! So I was totally jazzed when I saw this book and nabbed it up like a kid in a candy store. It did not disappoint!!! Emily and Asher have instant chemistry even though they could not be more different. It’s a love story that reminds me of Anna and Christian’s, minus the toys. I love how Emily falls for his family and they for her, just as much as the all consuming passion between Emily and Asher. The story is so real. To often I read and feel a disconnect because the emotions are not something that I think would really happen, but not in this story. I felt connected to Emily’s fierce loyalty and commitment to her dreams. Sorry I’m being so cryptic, but I really don’t want to give anything away. This was a home run, a touch down, and a hole in one!! Can’t wait to read the next!
Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy – 5
  • Loyal – 5
  • Likable characters – 4
  • Page turner -5
  • Would recommend-5
  • Angst-4

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