Turning Back by J. A. Huss

This is book two in the Turning series. I have to say this was a wild ride for me. There were all different types of love in this book. Friendship love, companionship love, parental love, one true romantic love. This story was layered in relationship and bathed in all of these types of love and caring.my only negative is I don’t like when there is cheating in a book, or at least what I call cheating. I know that “cheating” is hard to define in a book about ménage and sex clubs and such. I feel if you’re in a ménage relationship of 2 or 3 or 4, then that’s it, no more lovers for you. But that wasn’t the case here. And, granted, it was only a small part, but I feel, a lot of the conflict was hypocritical. Having said that, wanting nothing but honesty, it was an amazing read! The chemistry between all of the players was insanse. The steamy scenes were toe curling adventures. I loved Rochelle and Quinn and Bric. I loved reading their back stories. I loved the depth we go into all of them.And I loved that I got my happily ever after. J. A. Huss is one of my top ten favorite authors!!! If you haven’t read her, you should get right on that:)


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