Furious Rush by SC Stevens

Furious Rush
By SC Stevens

I love the way SC Stevens tells a story. She hooked me with the Thoughtless series. Kellan and Kiera are like old friends that I think of and miss on occasion. So I was super excited to read this book. I was not disappointed !!! Hayden and Mackenzie are also a very memorable couple. I loved that it was love at first sight for Hayden. And I love that even though Kenzie was just as enamored with him, he still had to work for it. There were circumstances in the way of their relationship that made you doubt that they could overcome it. But alas, the happily ever after was safe. This was a great read! And, the ending made me believe that maybe there could be a book 2!
This one is a 10 for me!!!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy-5
  • Steamy-5
  • Page turner-5
  • Likable characters-5
  • Loyalty-5
  • Angst-4
  • Would recommend-5

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