Cole by Tijan

I love Tijan. Love love LOVE her!!! For those of you that are as in love with this author’s  work as I am, you’ve read Carter Reed. I loved Carter Reed! When I saw that Cole was first introduced in Carter Reed, I thought I had an idea of where this book was going to go. Carter Reed is a romance where Carter is in the Mafia and the plot goes from there. In Cole,  I thought it was going to be similar. Alpha hot hero and the girl that captured his eye and heart. I mean, Cole is totally swoonworthy, and somewhat alpha , he’d have to be as the head of the “family”, it had a different feel. Cole didn’t need to be tamed. He wasn’t the hardened criminal, user of women sort. He started and stayed as a sensitive, caring, loving man. The chemistry between Cole and Addison was off the charts! One thing I loved was that although Addison is a grieving widow, the romance between Cole and her doesn’t diminish her love for her husband, and you don’t feel as though Cole is getting short changed by falling in love with someone who had previously married the love of her life. She was lucky enough to meet Cole who became another love of her life. Even though Carter Reed and Cole are linked , you do not have to read Carter Reed to understand Cole.  Tijan never disappoints . I loved this book!


  • Swoonworthy-5
  • Loyal-5
  • Funny-3
  • Angst-2
  • Likable characters -5
  • Would recommend -5

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