The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mictch Albom

This was a refreshing read. I read The Five People You Meet In Heaven. That book was life changing for me. This one was similar. I really enjoyed it and there were parts that are quotables for the rest of my life. Here’s my problem. One of my sons teachers at back to school night said that nothing is written in a vacuum. Things around the author affect the writing. I think sometimes, the same is true for the reader. I really enjoyed the story but I became distracted at the way we were jumping from one persons life to the next. Was that a disconnected writing technique or did I just have to many books staring at me in my to be read pile and I just wanted it done. I don’t know. I will not give it a rating as it is not a romance. But I will say it was a loving compassionate read and you will be better off after your done reading it.


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