Baby fever Bride by Nicole Snow

Baby fever bride by Nicole snow. I received an ARC for an honest review.

This is the story of a good girl meeting an unfortunate fate after serving in a third world country. A disease carrying mosquito infects her with Zeno. Long lasting affect? Infertility. The challenge is for this virgin to find a man willing to impregnate her before the disease robs her of her only dream, to be a mom. The infertility is complete in 18 months. 

On a train home from work a sexy billionaire witnesses a kidnapping attempt of our beautiful Zeno carting heroine. He steps in to save her and lightening strikes. He had his own problems. His money grubbing step mother is trying to take everything his departed father worked his whole life to build. The only way to save everything is for him to get married and and produce an heir. Problem meet solution, and we have the makings of a beautiful book! I loved it!


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