Fire in You by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Happy New Year!! I’ve been lax in my entries but not in my reading. I have a ton of books to review in the next few weeks. I can’t wait!

Fire in You, was mostly a great book. We meet Jillian in previous books. She follows Brock the beast Mitchell like a puppy dog. She is so clearly in live with him and, as six years her senior, he sees her as a little sister. This is a romance, so of course, no surprise, he opens his eyes and really sees her. Their love story begins. It is a beautiful story of second chances and unstoppable love. I do have one major problem with the book. After Brock knows that Jillian is in love with him, he begins a six-year relationship with the woman that he chose over Jillian. Six YEARS. That bothers me. It bothers me that the relationship is supposed to be in the past even though there is no really time spent explaining this. There is some explanation, but not enough for me. For six years he was a with this woman in every way while Jillian pined for him, having only one mediocre relationship. This is not enough for me to not recommend the book, but I did have a hard time with it. I will definitely read the next one.

Rating 1-5

  • loyal-3
  • lovable characters-4
  • swoon worthy -3.5
  • funny-3
  • would recommend-3.5
  • steamy-4

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