Home Tears by Tijan

So if you read my reviews you know that I hate giving bad reviews. Really really really hate it. These stories are born of artists who paint with words. It has to become a very vonerable thing, to put your heart and soul out there and have people judge it. That is why this is so hard. First let me say that I LOVE Tijan! All of her books are amazing with characters that are loyal and love fiercely and completely. This book started great for me. I loved Dani from the start. My problem with this is book is two fold. First, there is so much going on. I feel like there could have been two or three books in this one. Instead, I feel that only the surface was penetrated where I wanted to dig deep. Second, I hate one of the characters. Hate hate hate him. I hate that there is cheating and that it’s ok. I hate that she is blamed for the cheating. I hate that Dani is basically abused by her sisters and aunt and that’s ok. It’s something she has to take responsibility for. That’s not ok with me.  I will say that I love Tijan’s writing style and some of the characters were down right scrumptious. But some were nauseating. I would still recommend this book.

Rating 1-5

  • Swoonworthy 3
  • Funny 2
  • Would recommend 3
  • Loyal 2
  • Angst 4

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