Dollars by Pepper WintersThis is book two in the Dollar series

Pepper Winters writes, and I read in the same way an art lover would stare in wonder at a beautiful painting. I honestly am awed by the way she paints with words. This series, as painful as it can be, gives a glimps into a world that I hope doesn’t exsist, although I know it does. Yet, the way it is written, it’s like the author is taking you by the hand and soothing you as you are in places you hope to never go and see things you hope to never see. Pimlico is fighting the effects of two years as a slave to a sadistic monster. When Elder saves her from the pit of hell, her body is a breath away from death and her mind is lost in what had become her exsistence. This book follows their journey together. It is painful. It is beautiful. These two are now a part of me. Of course this ends on a cliff hanger because it is a series and follows Pim and Elder all the way through. I can’t wait for the next installment.

Rating 1-5



-Heart warming-3

-Funny- 1

-Would recommend-5


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