Well Hung by Lauren Blakey

Ok, so the title makes me blush! I chose to read this because it looked like a fun read after the book hangover I had from It Ends With Us. I am also in the middle of A Thousand Boy kisses by Tillie Cole. I had to stop mid way through when I saw the direction the book was headed in. It’s fantastic, but I could tell I was going to be crying for a week, so I’ll pick it up when I think I can handle it. But back to Well Hung. This is an adorable read! It was exactly what I needed. The perfect recipe of loyalty and love and lust. This is a happy love story, and I loved every second. This is a story of a contractor and his assistant as they fight their combustible attraction to maintain a professional relationship. Some things are impossible to fight. Great read!! You’ll love it!!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy- 5
  • Funny – 5
  • Sweet – 5
  • Steamy – 5
  • Would recommend – 5
  • Angst – 2

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