Kept by Maya Banks

The Enforcers series book 3

This last book in the trilogy was about Silas, the strong, lovable member of Drake’s “family”. In the first two books, we meet Silas as he developes a strong friendship with Drake’s love interest, Evangeline. Now it’s his turn to be swept away by innocent beauty. Enter the destitute Haley. She enters his building and life in desperate need and he is compelled to help her. The young violinist works her way into his life and heart. I read some very harsh reviews of this book before reading it and was surprised that I absolutely loved this book. The characters are complex and lovable. We get to visit with friends from the previous books. This trilogy is a wonderful read!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon-worthy- Can I give it a 6…you know what, I’m writing this so it’s a 6!
  • Loveable-5
  • Page turner-5
  • Funny-3
  • Sweet-3 (I’m a sucker for his pet names for her)
  • Loyal-5
  • Angst-1
  • Would recommend – 5

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