Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Book 2 in the Royals series.

Omg, OmG, OMG!!! I can not tell you how much I LOVED this book!!!! OK, so I pride myself on being “spoiler free”, I am going to try to keep that standard now. The last book ended on a cliff hanger that literally left me nauseous. The whole book was amazing, but the ending… days after I would wake up so upset over it. The beginning of this book calmed my queasiness instantly. The fact that Ella refused to forgive Reed for a long while made me happy. I hate it in a book, where there is a breach of trust, and the girl forgives right away, or trusts blindly, or worse, blames herself. Maybe that says a lot about me. I guess I have to do some soul-searching. Anyhow, I love how Watts developed these characters. They are memorable, lovable and characters that I am going to miss when the series is over. Go out and get this series! If you read Fallen Crest Academy, you will love this!!

Rating 1-5

You know what…this book gets all 5’s . Heck, make it all 10’s!!!!


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