Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

I’m just so at peace after finishing this book! This is book 3 of The Royals series. This book had more mystery and action than the other 2. And if I’m totally honest, I got a little frustrated with the amount of obstacles Elle and Reed had to over come. Just when stomach was getting all twisted up, and I had way more questions than answers, BOOM…shocking revelations are presented. Then, nothing but peace and a knowing that the angst was not just for angst sake, but all for a reason. Seriously it was amazing. I am now on the prowl to see what other treasures are out there by one Erin Watt!!!

  • Funny-5
  • Lovable characters-5
  • Page turner-5
  • Would recommend-5
  • Angst-5
  • Swoonworthy-5
  • Action-5
  • Mystery-5
  • And 5 big sighs!

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