Before We Fall by Courtney Cole

This is book 3 in the beautifully broken series.

I really enjoyed this book. If you read my review of book 2, I almost didn’t read this book. The end of book 2 made me so mad. But… I am happy to report, this book was worth it! This story was about Jacey and Dominic. So much mystery. So much brokenness. And so much healing. I loved that Dominic never strayed once he met Jacey, even when they weren’t “together”. This is about 2 people that made bad decisions early in life and now have to find their way free from the guilt. Jacey and the knowledge that her involvement with an abusive ex boyfriend ended with a beloved family friend dieing to protect her. Dominic has to forgive himself for his part in losing his ex girlfriend from this world. I loved it!!! Well done Ms. Cole!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoonworthy-4
  • Loyal-4
  • Page turner -5
  • Would recommend-5
  • Funny-2
  • Angst-3
  • Likable characters-3

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