On My Knees by Meredith Wild

The Bridge Series book 1

So, by the title, one might think this is a BDSM book. It’s not. I read the Hacker series by Meredith Wild and became an instant fan, and, here we are. You enter this story as Cameron comes back from boot camp to see his girlfriend at college. They explore each other and reconnect, and it becomes obvious that Cameron and Maya are soul mates. Completely and totally in love. Things quickly change when he realizes that he has to ship out and he doesn’t want to leave her, so he proposes. She just can’t impulsively say yes for the obvious reasons of her age and her circumstances, still being in school, along with things he doesn’t know about. He leaves, destroyed, rejected, and doesn’t look back. They are both heartbroken. Then, five years later, they realize they both live in the city, and the story begins. This is a beautiful love story of second chances, and learning to trust. Cameron is adorably tenacious in his pursuit of broken Maya. This book does not end in a cliff hanger, so, happy dance commencing! There is a book 2 (that I am starting today) but it is about two other characters. Wonderful start to the series.

Rating 1-5

  • Angst-4
  • Likable characters-5
  • Swoon worthy-5
  • Page turner-5
  • Would recommend-5
  • Loyalty-5
  • Funny-4






















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