If you leave by Country Cole          Beautifully broken series book 2

Spoiler alert

I loved most of this book. Gabriel is a soldier that has come back from Afghanistan with severe PTST. Maddy is the beautiful ex model turned restauarant owner that was left to her by her deceased parents. She’s always been the caregiver as the older sister to Mila that we met in book one. She has her own demons to fight as she grew up watching her mother stay in an abusive relationship with her father her whole life. Gabriel is torchured by his memories from combat. So, they have a lot to over come. Where I get nauseous is when the disloyalty comes in. And then the forgiveness with hardly any push back! Forget the fact that major hurdles have to be cleared just with their pasts, I can not get past cheating. I am so grossed out, that I don’t even want to rate this book right now. I don’t know if I can go on to book 3. Ugh! I am going to post this and give myself some time to settle. Maybe time will make me feel better. Plus I’m writing this and I have a couple of chapters left still. But, I had to vent about this as it was happening. I don’t think I have to much away…I hope. #sigh


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