Be with me by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

This is book 2 in the wait for you series. As you know I accidentally read out of order, book 4 then 1 now 2. This wasn’t my favorite, I’m sorry to say. Jase, Tess’s big brothers best friend, was the hot crush she never got over. Jase has so many issues, it’s a little annoying. He’s cold then hot then cold then hot. My heart hurts for Tess as she deals with getting over the hurt from an abusive ex, the guilt that her brothers life took a hit as he beat the pulp out of said ex boyfriend and recieves punishment for it. What else, she hurt her knee jeapodizing her dancing career. Then hurt it again, ending her chances of ever dancing again. The list goes on and on as to what this girl endures. And through it all, Jase pulls his relationship, bi polar tendencies. It was all ok for me until she just forgave him so quickly after he pushed her away for the last time. I mean, make him grovel a little. This book was ok, better than I’m making it seem. Just, not as good as 1 and 4. But… I am onto number 3! 

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy -3
  • Annoying hero-5
  • Angst-4
  • Would recommend-4 (cause I think it’s necessary to the series
  • Funny-2
  • Loyal-4

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