Spin by CD Reis

Ugh!!!!! I hate this!!! You know how I hate not giving good reviews, but I owe it to you to be honest. So, I started this book and right away I was lost. To many characters. I wasn’t clear what was happening with the main character as she had 3 jobs, but she was an heiress. I didn’t understand that when she was describing one job that she was actually in another, if that makes sense. The chemistry didn’t work for me between the hero and the heroine. Although , I will say it was steamy at times. The first half of this book was a fail for me. The second half picked up and it became less of a chore to read it and I came to understand what was going on and care for some of the characters. Maybe it was just me. Maybe I was just PMSing when I read it. I don’t know. I like CD Reis and will continue to read her books, just not maybe this series. I really don’t want to rate this book cause it feels mean. Lets just say all around, it lingered between a 2-2+ out of 1-5 in all categories.


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