Fall with me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

OK, so I am really, really, really mad. I read this book and felt like, at times, I was coming in the middle of a story. Why is that? Because I was!!!! This is book 4 in the Wait for you series!!! Ugh!!!!! I accidentally started on book 4. Can I pleae emplore all the authors out there to put the series number on the cover of the book. Pretty please!!! Well, what’s done is done. I will say that loved this book! I loved this sassy love story between Roxy (love that name) and Reece. This was a story of a girl who’s been in love with this guys since she’s a teenager, and their discovery of one another. It is also the story of regret, and dealing with the “what if’s” of life. The story between Roxy and her best friend, that had a brain injury that changed both of their lives, broke my heart. Roxy is a multi-dimensional character. And this is a story that is real and lovable!

Rating 1-5

  • Lovable characters-5
  • Swoon worthy hero-5
  • Steamy-5
  • heart warming-5
  • Funny -4
  • page turner-4
  • would recommend 5

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