The coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

This book stopped me in my tracks, reached into my heart, and just set up camp there. It’s a story of how a single moment of evil can change a persons life. And this is a story about how you can move on little by little and find healing. It’s also a story about how a life time of evil moments can threaten to rip apart a soul, but the tenacity of the human spirit to not let evil win. It’s heavy, but not heavy if that makes sense. Sometimes books with these topics weigh on you and you feel just like,yuk. But this story was written in a way that you’re able to feel without being crushed. I just want to hug Callie (the heroine ) really really tight! And her best friend Seth, I just want to pinch his adorable cheeks and thank him for being the only person that Callie can open up to and finally feel accepted and cared for. But Kayden. Kayden is the hero that you love to read. He’s the hero you hope for the females in your life. He comes with his baggage but doesn’t let it affect his ability to love, and I love that about him. I will warn you his book ends on a cliff hanger, so when you are 3/4 done, order book 2!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy -5+
  • Love able characters -5+
  • Angst-2
  • Would re read-5
  • Would recommend -5
  • Funny-2
  • Book 1
  • Romance-5

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