Anti-stepbrother by Tijan

Anti- stepbrother
Tijan…(sigh). I can’t ! I didn’t read a description before buying this book, and I did buy it and not borrow it because I always re-read Tijan books. The thing I love about her books is the loyally she weaves into all of her characters . It’s refreshing and hopeful. So, when I started this book, I was hoping for more of the same. But there are twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. So the beginning had me in knots. My heart felt like it had been through a taffy pull. Summer, she broke my heart. The heart ache that she went through, I felt to my core. So I thought, ok Tijan is going a different way with this book, but it’s still Tijan and her writing hooks me. But…(drum roll) in comes Colton . The silent, wise beyond his years, loyal, sexy, hero that you don’t see coming. Summer’s heart that had been through the mill gets all that is good and wonderful! There is such a depth in all of these characters. Tijans characters are like Shrek, and onions. Tons and tons of layers. Oh and blooming onions (hungry)! Amazing read! Tijan never disappoints!!!

Rating 1-5

  • Funny-5
  • Likable characters -5
  • Swoon worthy -5
  • Re readable -5
  • Would recommend -5
  • Angst-4.5
  • Must read-5+++

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