Bought by Dahlia Delights

I received this story for an honest review. I am a Realtor by trade. When I price a house, I find like homes to compare it them to come up with a suggested price range. When I get an unusual home that I can’t find comparibles for, it is a problem.  I don’t usually read short stories, so it feels unfair of me to compare this to the books I usually read.  I was a little taken back when the starring couple exchanged “I Love you’s” is the first five minutes. Then I realized that I was already like 20% into the story. For that reason, I am looking at this as a completely different animal than the books that I usually read. It was a nice story. As a short story, it was packed. Love at first sight. Jilted Ex boyfriend. Attempt to steal the young heroine away from true love. It definitely cut to the chase.

Rating 1-5

  • Steamy-4
  • Page turner-4
  • Swoon worthy -4
  • Would recommend-3

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