Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

I have been a big fan of Kristen Proby for a while now. Her With Me In Seattle series is beyond amazing. I picked up this book because I hadn’t read anything by Kristen Proby in a while and I was in the library and saw it. Let me just say, oh wow!!!  This was such a sweet romantic read. Not in the boring, enough already, stop, I’m becoming a diabetic as I read,  way. Just a good, well written love story. There was no one plotting to kill anyone. No one was a bazillionaire. Just waking up one day and seeing someone, really seeing them for the first time even though you’ve seen them your whole life. Realizing this is the love of your life. This is a story of love between and man and a woman. It’s also a love story between a war veteran and his son. Zack and his 12 year old son Seth stole my heart. Loving Cara is the book you want to read when you want to sigh, and smile, and giggle.



  • Swoon worthy – 5
  • Angst – 1
  • Butterflies take flight as you read – 5
  • Steamy – 5
  • Would recommend – 5
  • Beautifully written 5
  • Original – 5
  • Leaves you warm and fuzzy – 5

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