Free Me by Laurelin Paige

I know I said in the beginning I would only be focusing on the positive in books. I’m finding it difficult to be honest and keep that promise. This was a good book. I liked JC and Gwen. If I’m being honest, I didn’t love them. Their story was ok, but at times I felt annoyed by their conflicts. Still, it was ok. I’m glad I read it. My major problem is that it ended on a cliff hanger. I wanted to read book 2. I was hoping that as their story played out, I would get to know the characters better. Maybe become more invested. However, after reading some reviews on Amazon, with some spoilers, I was extremely turned off to the idea of going further.  I might change my mind and take the plunge, but apparently book 2 has some of my personal hard limits in it. So, as a stand alone, it was good. I can’t speak from experience about going forward with the series. So read at your own risk.



  • Steamy-3.5
  • Swoonworthy-3.5
  • page tue=rner-3.5
  • Would recommend 3
  • Angst-3.5

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