White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armstrong

Jennifer L. Armstrong, you have a new fan!! I have no idea how I stumbled upon this treasure. But there it was, staring at me, amongst a stack of books. This paranormal, young adult book blew me out of the water! Layla, the half breed, demon/warden, and her to cute sense of humor, hooked me! I loved the contrast in the relationships between  her and Zayne, her crush that she has lived with her whole life and her and Roth, the dark Prince that makes her pulse race.  The first kiss in this book was quite possible the hottest first kiss that I have ever read!! Well done Mrs. Armstrong! Well done! Now to read the rest of this series and her other books! Did I mention I’m a huge fan now, ’cause , yea, I am.

Rating 1-5

  • Swoon worthy – 5++
  • Page turner-lets just say, its summer vacation and I have 2 kids home with me and I finished this in a day, so-5++
  • Angst- 1
  • Funny-3
  • Would recommend -5

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