Pennie$ by Pepper Winters

I am a huge fan of Pepper Winters. The Indebted series is mind blowing. I am usually not a fan of dark romances. However I was warned in the synopsis and reviews I read. Pennie$ is one of the darkest books I have ever read. As with all of Pepper Winters books, I was drawn into this book by the very real and very relatable characters. Tasmins bstory tore at my heart while I marveled at the unbreakable human spirit. Books like these make me wonder, do things like human trafficking really exist. I know it does, but it is so hard to wrap my brain around. Can evil monsters like the ones in this book really exist? But that’s what good writing is supposed to do right? Make you question, cause you look at things you might never experience (hopefull will never experience). The connection between Elder and Tasim is palpable .  This book ends with a cliff hanger, but I already preordered book 2 as I need to see what happens next. I know I’ve been all over the place with my rating system, but this is me learning how to do this:)




  • Must read-4
  • Page turner-5+
  • Swoonworthy-2
  • Steamy-2 (I don’t think it’s supposed to be because of the subject matter. Don’t want any spoilers )
  • Angst-5+

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