A Beautiful Mess And A Tragic Wreck T. K. L

This is difficult for me. A Beaitiful Mess was amazing. The love story between Olivia and Alexander was everything a girl could ask for in a good book . Sweet, hot, true destinied love. The book was free on Amazon. My biggest problem with book one was that it ended on a cliff hanger. So, having loved the book  , what the heck… I’m buying book two. A Tragic Wreck gave me an ulcer!! I kid you not. I had to stop reading and take deep breaths. At several points I literally was yelling “I hate this!!”. Where book one was fall in love, loyal, sweet. Book two I had to read about the infedility of the heart of these two soul mates. I felt a little tricked. Like, come on in through book one and all it’s goodness then buy book two and you are going to be ripped to shreds. Now here’s the thing, some people may like that. I’ve spoken to many friends that like to feel every emotion when they read. This is for them. Not me though. I get involved, and my heart breaks when my beloved characters’hearts’ break. So although I don’t like negativity in my reviews, this one is a mixed bag. There is a third book , but the end of book two leads me to believe my heart would be pummeled if I read it. So even though I am invested, I don’t know if I can do it! I thought about Fifty Shades of Grey, and wondered why I was ok with the cliff hangers there. Why was I ok with the abundant angst in those books. The answer was simple. In the fantasy work of books and hopefull in real life , once you have found your soul mate, your heart, your body, your very essence shouldn’t be able to respond romantically to any other. Even if you are on a break (sorry Ross).


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess And A Tragic Wreck T. K. L”

  1. Thanks for this. I don’t like the books that make me want to throw them across the room either! If there is to much angst or infidelity the book is a complete turn off for me so I won’t be getting into this. Thanks for the help!

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