I Want by Ella Fox

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.
I want, is a lovely romance. There were a few stand outs for me about this book. The first is that I loved that the hero of this romance was not a man whore prior to meeting the love of his life. I loved that they took their time in the progression of their physical relationship. But most of all, I love that the epilogue was told in the perspective of Elvis, the pet bird! Great book!!!


The Queen by Skye Warren

I voluntarily agreed to review this ARC.
This is book 2 of the series. We left the last book with Damon winning a hand of cards against Penny. The stakes? If he wins, Damon gets to keep her dad. He won. So Penny is set free to go to a private college for math, which is her passion on Damon’s dime. Her dad, now he works for Damon. Now he can’t use Penny’s card counting skills or as payment for debts. All is well until 3 years later, her dad goes missing the same day Avery does. We remember Avery from the series before.
Sometimes I write a review as I am reading the book.

Occasionally, something exceptional happens that I HAVE to write about the book as I’m reading. And right not at 59% through this book, Damon has broken my heart and made me fall in love all at the same time. What a beautiful character Skye Warren has given life to. This story is about breaking away from terror’s that you grew up with. It’s about a pure love and fear of it. This is a book that cannot be missed.

The Queen by Skye Warren


Title: The Queen

Series: The Masterpiece Duet #2

Author: Skye Warren

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 19, 2017




I have one chance at a new life. A college education. A future outside of Tanglewood’s dark walls. For a breathless moment it seems like I might actually escape.
Then I get a phone call from home.
Damon Scott is my own personal dragon, the fight I’ve always lost, the secret hope of my heart. And he needs my help right now. Only my mind can solve the puzzle. Only my presence can keep him sane as the city fights against him.
Only my heart can unlock a man with such a tragic past.
This is my final gamble, with everything at stake. One last game to win a future for both of us.
And a love strong enough to break the city apart.
THE QUEEN is the final novel in the bestselling Masterpiece duet, about a game of lies and loyalty, of betrayal and power, and ascension to the city’s throne.



GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35506986-the-queen



US: http://amzn.to/2t0vSuW

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I flinch, glad he can’t see me across two thousand miles. Even working in the kitchens most nights only covers my food, my textbooks. Not the tuition bill. “You’re the one who wanted him to work for you. You’re the one who made him the stake in our last game.”

“And you’re the one who lost,” he says lightly.

“Do you know where he is?”

“Of course. Like you said, he works for me. I would be a careless employer if I let my men go wandering off, gambling and racking up debt and questioning their loyalty to me.”

A shiver runs through me. “Then where is he?”

“He’s a grown-up, Penny. Like you are now. He’s responsible for himself. You only need to worry about your studies. I’m sure Algebraic Topology is taking up plenty of your focus.”

It’s one of my courses this semester. How does he know that?

“Stop playing with me.”

“Why should I?” he says with a soft laugh. “It’s so much fun.”

Frustration stings my eyes, hot and damp. I look up at the wide-open sky, willing myself not to cry. There are a million stars visible here, most of the land owned by Smith College or one of the other campuses. So much land, so much pride. There aren’t buildings climbing on top of other buildings, as if they might sink into the concrete ground if they don’t. There aren’t glass towers reaching to an endless black sky.

“I’m never coming back,” I say abruptly.

His laugh falls silent. “I know.”

“I hate it there. I hate Tanglewood and being powerless. And most of all I hate you.”

The last part is a lie, because I don’t hate him. I’m drawn to him; I’m repelled by him. It’s far too complex a relationship, an equation I’ve never been able to write. It makes me wonder if I’m lying about the other parts—if maybe some twisted part of me misses home.

If some twisted part of me misses being powerless, too.

“Ah, Penny,” he says, sounding infinitely weary. “I hate you too.”

The words shock me, but the hurt inside shocks me more. He shouldn’t be able to wound me. Three years away from home, growing up, growing strong. It should have been enough armor to protect against anything he could say to me. But the arrow sinks deep, proving that I’ll never be able to escape him.

“What did I do to you?” I ask, quiet, in a voice like I’m six years old again. Like I’m speaking to the wild boy I found by the lake, one I lured into my trailer like a wolf.

He answers the same way, a surly teenage boy, fierce and vulnerable at once. “You made me care. You made me want, when I needed to leave. You made me feel, when I would have preferred to die. You brought me back to life.”

And I condemned him to torture. That’s what happened when he sacrificed himself so that I could stay safe. Two children with so few choices. “I’m sorry,” I whisper.

“Don’t worry. I got my revenge, after all.”

My blood runs cold, almost subzero at the words. There’s only one person left in my sad little family. One person he could hurt. “Did you hurt him?”

“By giving him a job when he couldn’t hold one down? By paying him enough that his daughter could escape the city, could go to a fancy college instead of becoming a corner-store whore? Yes, I’ve been horrible to him. A monster.”

“Then why isn’t he answering his phone?”

In the pause I can picture him in a three-piece suit, reclining in one of his ridiculously expensive leather chairs. Some amber liquid in a crystal-cut glass. “Don’t come back,” he says, his voice grim. “You made it out of here. Let that be enough.”

A soft click ends the connection, leaving me bereft.

And more worried than before.

Something is happening in Tanglewood, something bad enough for my father not to call, something horrible enough that even Damon Scott has warned me away. I look up at the infinite stars, but they’re dimmer than before. The whole world muted. It wasn’t a new life that I found so far from home. It was a long dream, and now I’m painfully awake.



The Prince (Prequel) – a FREE novella
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#1 The King 
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#1 The Pawn


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#2 The Knight


US: http://amzn.to/2kGFof6

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#3 The Castle 
US: http://amzn.to/2kGz2fu

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Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance such as the Chicago Underground series. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, two sweet dogs, and one evil cat.





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The Gamble by Alice Ward

The Gamble
I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.
First, I need to spend a moment to appreciate the main character’s name. Talen. Can you stand it?? Now I want another child so I can name him Talen. Someone named Talen is destined for greatness!!

 Name aside, this was a fun read. A drunken mistake turns into a business arrangement turns into something else entirely. I enjoyed the plot. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed seeing the love story evolve. I recommend it!

Rating 1-5

  • Swoonworthy-4
  • Steamy-4
  • Funny-4
  • Angst-1
  • Loyal-4
  • Likable -4
  • Would recommend-4

Match Pointe by Améile S. Duncan

I voluntary reviewed the book that I received an ARC for.
The ballerina and the soccer player. Sounds like a great match right? Honestly, it really was. The love story was beautiful as she had a crush on him all her life. The heat was combustible. The conflict was believable. And I got my HEA. I’m a happy girl!! Bravo match point!


  • Swoonworthy-4
  • Angst-2
  • Likable-5
  • Steamy-4
  • Loyal-5
  • Page turner-5
  • Would recommend-5

Mine by Chloe Lynn Ellis

Mine by Chloe Lynn Ellis
I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.
Oh em geeeeee!!!! This is probably one of the hottest books I have EVER read!!! I’m blushing just remembering certain scenes. This is a definite if you like sweet characters, real conflict, and goodness WOW chemistry! Like combustible heat. Were you ever out side on a hot day with your cell phone, and all of the sudden it shuts down with the message that it has over heated and can not be turned back on till it cools down? That’s the message I expected reading this book. You get the point;)

Now get the book!

This book get the highest marks for me!!!!!

Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken

RELEASE BLITZTitle: Fraternize

Series: Players Game #1

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: September 12, 2017


New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken kicks off a brand-new series in which romance is a game and love is a touchdown.


Emerson just made her dream come true as a professional cheerleader for her favorite pro football team. But even though the plus-size athlete is breaking down boundaries, she still has to contend with the massive rulebook. Carbs? Nope. Chocolate? Definitely not. Still, Emerson loves her curves, and she’ll rock the hell out of this job even if it kills her. Except for one mandate that is easier read than done…


No fraternizing with the players.


Problem one is Miller Quinton: Emerson’s first love, first sex, and the guy who still ignites her daydreams and R-rated fantasies. Thrown back together, Miller and Emerson feel the undeniable pull of passion again, even if the conflict that tore them apart seems insurmountable. Then there’s way-too-sexy Grant Sanchez. He has a serious reputation with the ladies, and when it comes to winning someone he wants, he doesn’t let anyone stand in his way.


Now Emerson is breaking every rule in the manual. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s part of a wicked little game—one that could steal both her dream and her heart.



GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34214847-fraternize





US: http://amzn.to/2vLCMlS

UK: http://amzn.to/2gPRdTw

CA: http://amzn.to/2f9nOQo

AU: http://amzn.to/2wPKwoe
Free in Kindle Unlimited





“The day,” he finally said, “when you can’t take it anymore.”

“Take what?”

“This.” He slid his hand down my thigh. “The heat between us, the way it feels when we touch. Damn, just being near you drives me insane. And humans are only gifted with so much patience before they snap. I hope to God that I’m around when you do.”

“You think I’m going to go crazy for you, huh?” My voice sounded way too excited about the idea, and my heart decided to skip a few beats while my body cheered yes!

Sanchez shrugged. “I admire self-control, Curves. After all, this isn’t going to be a one-night stand, and I have a feeling that you’re going to make me work for it in bed. But don’t worry. I’ve been really focusing on my own self-control. I’ll take care of you long before you have a chance to take care of me. So yeah, do I think you’re going to go crazy? I’m counting on it. Betting on it. Praying for it.”

“Be honest. Is that why I’m staying with you?”

“Hell yes.” He laughed. “I’m not letting you lose your shit around Miller, proximity and all that. It’s going to be me, all me.”

“Selfish much?”

He took the exit and pulled up to the stoplight. His gaze burned into mine. “When it comes to you? Yes. I fucking am.”





Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.


She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!


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