Ryan’s Bed


I crawled into Ryan Jensen’s bed that first night by accident.

I barely knew him. I thought it was his sister’s bed—her room. It took seconds to realize my error, and I should’ve left…

I didn’t.

I didn’t jump out.

I didn’t get embarrassed.

I relaxed.

And that night, in that moment, it was the only thing I craved.

I asked to stay. He let me, and I slept.

The truth? I never wanted to leave his bed. If I could’ve stayed forever, I would have.

He became my sanctuary.

Because—four hours earlier—my twin sister killed herself.

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Mr. Ruin by Maya Hughes

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

This book is the story of a man, Killian, obsessed with ruining a man he thinks hurt his loved ones. Rachel is said nemesis assistant. She tries to spy on a Killian in hopes of helping her boss. However, their chemistry is to strong, and their complicated relationship unfolds.

I liked the first book a lot. Mr. Control was a great book. Mr. Ruin, on it’s own, is a great book. Knowing the back story of Killian, from Mr. Control, I was a little put off. It was difficult for me to get beyond his transgressions as villain in the first book. I’m sorry!!! I will say it was very steamy, and I wanted to really like it, and toward the end I did warm to Killian. This book helped me understand Rachel and her decisions, in the first book (don’t want to give anything away). I almost wish I read it as a stand alone. Kudos to the author for trying to win hearts for Killian.

I still recommend this book. Like I said, it was steamy. Their relationship just made sense. But even more than that, the characters that were introduced, that will have books of their own absolutely fascinated me. I am so looking forward to their books. I know this review was all over the place, but I always want to be honest with those that take the time to read my reviews. 😘

Buying Beth by Izzy Sweet and Sean Moriarty

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

Buying Beth is about a girl who gets kidnapped with three of her high profile friends. Their kidnappers are intent on selling them. Jonathan is the man who makes it his mission to save her by buying her and then, falling for her, he decides to keep her. The chemistry is kind of wow! And the love story is sweet. There are some gruesome aspects to this story, but not enough to make me not like the book. This was a very good read.

Ryan’s Bed by Tijan

Ryan’s Bed Tijan

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

I love reviewing all books. Having said that…I am a huge Tijan fan, so when I found out I got an ARC, it was like I won the lottery!!!! Soooo, I am about to start reading, and I know that I’m in for something good!!! Here we


Here’s a quote that for me, just captures the real ness of Tijan’s characters…

“COUNSELING SESSION ONE “Hello, Mackenzie. My name is Naomi. Your parents thought it was a good idea if you had someone to talk to during this time, but I want to help you in any way you need. So, why don’t you tell me where you’d like to start?” “I want to leave.” And I did.”

I love how gritty and real Tijan’s characters always are.

This book addresses a heart breaking issue. Suicide is a subject that is very close to my heart and has affected me in my immediate family and in the family of someone very close to me. Ryan’s bed starts when Mackenzie discovers that her twin sister has taken her life. The book then follows this family through the agony of navigating the crushing grief of losing a twin, a big sister, and a daughter. I cried so much. Tijan wrote Mackenzie, a beautiful, strong, caring individual. And Ryan, whom she accidentally ended up sleeping in his bed, their relationship is just amazing. Having dealt with his own losses, he understands Mackenzie, and ultimately falls for her. The last chapter of this book had my heart pounding, and the last page had me in tears. This is an important book. Tijan, thank you for this heart felt work. Thank you for Willow and Mackenzie and Ryan.

This is a must read.

Thirty Days of Pain Thirty Days of Shame Thirty Days of Hate by Ginger Talbot

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

As I started to read this book, well all three books, I knew I was in for a journey. It’s a story of life being born into a mob family. The curtains are pulled back on the horrors and atrocities that take place, especially to women and children. There were moments that I had to sit back and hope and pray that this only lives within the mind of the author, but sadly, I don’t think that is true.

The love that blooms between Sergei and Willow is conflicting at best, especially for me in my suburban life. However, as I separate myself and my sensibilities, and peek at a possible other life, I can see how their story is heartbreakingly beautiful.

One of the things I love about these books is the internal struggle that Willow has over her feelings for Sergei. It’s evident that the author knows, this is not norm, nor should it be. The character knows it is inappropriate and weird for lack of a better word. I love that the author doesn’t try to sell out Willow, to make is seem that it’s ok to be in a relationship with a man like Sergei and as long as a man shows some redeeming quality, us weak women have to forgive and forget. I despise when I read books like that. Books where subtly or not so subtlety, the woman is some how blamed for infidelity or abuse of some kind. It’s not that it doesn’t exist. I understand that, but I love that in these books, it’s pondered and not blamed or excused.

Here is a quote from the book that I felt was compelling.

“I’m built from different materials then I was led to believe. It’s like I was told I was fashioned from gold, but it was really lead. Everything that I thought was true about myself is a lie. I feel different from the inside out. I’ll start to forget, I’ll start to feel a little better, and then it comes rushing back to me and I feel disgusting all over again.”

This is a difficult book to read, but extremely compelling. I am giving it 5 stars out of 5 because this author is amazing. These characters are beautiful.

This love story is epic.

I will say, I read all of these books all in a row, I think that made it enjoyable to me. I would hate to be on a cliff hanger with these charachters.

Fill Me by Michelle Hazen

I am voluntarily reviewing this arc.

This is a tasty little tid bit NOT to be missed. I’m legitimately fanning myself recalling some of the scenes in this book. Fill me starts out so completely..um hot is to tame a word, you get my meaning, that I didn’t expect the depth. We get to know Jera’s story in the first book, this is a .5, so now we get to know in depth her band mates, Jax and Danny. I didn’t think that I could love them more, I was wrong. It’s just a glimpse…but this glimpse made me hungry for more of Jax and Danny. I think they each need their own book…pretty please with whipped cream on top;)

Not What You Seem by Lena Maye

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC.

This book! This book was AMAZING!

I have to be honest, it took me a while to connect. This author took her time building the story . About a third of the way into the book, everything started coming together for me, and I realized the build up was critical to the story. I started to care about Ella and Dean. Their story is complex and beautifully interwoven. I don’t want to give anything away, but this is about a girl with secrets. She lives with shame and guilt from a childhood she had no control over. Then, Dean sails in. He see’s her troubled soul, and just wants to sooth her, care for her, he can’t get enough of her. Their chemistry is so completely organic. There are so many twists and the turns that I never saw coming…I can’t! This author is a brilliant story teller! Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but that’s how good this book was!!!

If I could give 6 stars instead of 5, I would!

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